about us

Our Mission

We’re passionate about paddleboarding. That’s why we’ve invested in the best equipment and utilize proven  training techniques to help you get the most out of your SUP experience. 

Join us in our mission to build a vibrant paddleboarding community throughout south jersey.

Our Team

Crosswater SUP owner John Gancarz carrying an Earth River SUP stand up paddleboard in Jupiter Florida

John Gancarz

John was born in Philadelphia and raised in south jersey. His passion for water sports all started when he learned how to sail at the Cooper River Yacht Club. A few summers later, he became a junior sailing instructor and helped start a high school sailing club . Fast forward four years to graduate school outside of Washington D.C. where John decided to explore the numerous bodies of water surrounding the nation’s capital, but this time on an inflatable paddleboard.

While out paddling one morning in Northern Virginia, John fatefully met Steve Gurney, owner of Surf Reston, and was recruited to join his team of SUP instructors. After becoming a certified instructor, John started teaching SUP classes and soon realized realized the potential for something similar back home – so he decided to start his own paddleboard school: Crosswater SUP.

“My goal is with Crosswater SUP is to help people discover the health benefits of stand up paddleboarding, gain a better appreciation for the environment, and most of all… HAVE FUN!”