You will attend a 2-hour standup paddleboard class lead  by a certified SUP instructor on calm, flat water. Each class begins with a 15 minute orientation (water safety, how to stand up, basic strokes) before heading out onto the water. From there your instructor will monitor your activity and provide feedback.

If you’ve attended one of our classes before, you may register as a “return paddler” for a discounted rate of $25.

We launch from Cooper River public docks located at at the corner of Cuthbert Blvd and North Park Dr.
509 Park Blvd, Cherry Hill 08002

Please give yourself an extra 15 minutes before class to find us, sign in, and get ready.

We recommend wearing a comfortable bathing suit. Other options are swim shirts, shorts, or whatever you feel comfortable wearing to protect you from the sun. If you plan to wear a hat or sunglasses, please make sure they will stay snug and secure or attach a neck strap in case they slip off.

Make sure you sign your waiver before booking your class. We can’t let you glide without it!

We encourage you to bring the following items with you:

  • 32oz of water or sports beverage
  • 30+ spf sunscreen – apply before lesson
  • Sandals or water shoes
  • Extra pair of clothing and towel – leave them in your car
  • Strapped sunglasses
  • Strapped hat

 Don’t bring your phone unless you have a waterproof bag with a leash – we will take photos of you.

Yes and no. Anyone under the age of 10 may not paddle on their own but they may accompany a parent or guardian on one of our paddleboards which hold up to 270lbs.

  • We have 6 boards that can hold up to 240lbs.
  • We have 2 boards that can hold up to 270lbs.
  • We have one board that can hold 350lbs.

We use some of the the highest quality inflatable standup paddleboards by Earth River SUP. These boards are specifically designed to withstand extreme whitewater conditions – so there’s no need to worry about breaking them. Just enjoy the glide!

Of course! Our intro courses are tailored specifically for first timers. 

No worries! We provide inherently buoyant lifejackets and all of our instructors are certified in water rescue and CPR.

Please email info@crosswatersup.com or call (609) 444-7077 with any additional questions!